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Big Dreams in the Big Apple - She’s Venturing is in New York City!
She's Venturing

Big Dreams in the Big Apple - She’s Venturing is in New York City!

Big Dreams in the Big Apple Unplanned blessings and unexpected luck can lead you to some of your life’s greatest adventures… We were graciously offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that brought us to New York City this weekend. We were offered a prime featured space on a billboard at 1540 Broadway in the heart of Times Square! After pinching myself upon hearing the news, I got to creating an ad that I hoped would both capture attention and showcase the heart behind She’s Venturing - Love for travel. Passion for good. That we are all ‘Made for Venturing’. The inspiration just came to me, and in one fell swoop I designed the video that felt like a piece of my heart that I could show to the world. I sent my video to the generous parties that be and wondered…could we be just crazy enough to pull off a 22 hour trip that includes a drive to Miami and then flights from Miami to New York and back and then home to Key West, just to see it for ourselves? The answer is yes, we are always just crazy adventurous enough. Whirlwind travel is our forte so we jammed our backpacks with the essentials and we were off! … Times Square, Central Park, and the intricacies of the unique offerings of both…we somehow packed gorgeous memories of each into our short visit. As we boarded the plane, the trip seemed like a short dream, but one I want to remember and relive in another longer visit very soon. I want to see that beautiful city in full spring bloom, dressed in warm colors for fall, and twinkling with lights and a white blanket of snow in the winter. I leave a piece of my sentimental heart in every city I come to love, and there is now absolutely a part of it in New York City. More at 🧡
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